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Head Coach/Owner
Level 3 Instructor

I began Farrell’s in Summer of 2010. Before Farrell’s I was a devoted runner. Farrell’s is the first program I have been a part of that doesn’t focus on the number on the scale, instead focuses on putting in the highest level of work, nutrition, and making positive lifestyle changes. It’s truly a way of life.


It’s our job as coaches, instructors, managers, to care about our members. We care about you and want to see you achieve those results you’re looking for. We’re not just a gym, we truly are family. That’s what separates us from any other gym. We know you by name! I love being part of a program that has the ability to inspire and transform lives for the better.

Level 1 Instructor 
I started Farrell's in January of 2015, so that I could be in shape for my daughters wedding in June. I had no intention of continuing after the 10 weeks, but since then I have made new friends, become an instructor and gained so much confidence. FXB is so much more than a gym, from the very beginning I have been encouraged, supported, and pushed out of my comfort zone. Food has always been my down fall, it is a comfort and a craving to me. I have learned that food is fuel for the body, and not a reward for working out! I have tried many other workout programs, gyms, and videos but none have ever given me the results like FXB. I have never stayed with anything this long or wanted to continue after reaching my event/goal. I recently tuned 40 and I have never been in better shape physically or mentally in my life! I am grateful for the life change and look forward to every mornings ass kicking!
Jordon Scott is currently a resistance training instructor at Farrell's west dodge. He joined Farrell's as a 10 weeker in April of 2015 shortly after his wife (also an instructor) graduated as a FIT student. When he first arrived for his 10 week session Jordon was 177 pounds and had 31.1% body fat, after his 10 weeks he weighed in at 168 pounds and 20.3% body fat and continued on to become an instructor and as you'll find out brings his own unique energy to the mat. In addition to working out and instructing at Farrell's Jordon is a lifelong resident of Omaha and a Husker fan and avid golfer.
I started Farrell’s in 2011 after attending a 5AM session with a friend of mine. I had been complaining to her how tired and out of shape I was. I had two children, a full time job and felt that I didn’t have the time or the energy to work out. She invited me to her Farrell’s workout the next morning at 5AM. I went and it was love at first sight so I signed up for the 10-week session. It was a great 10 weeks of awesome workouts and clean eating. I felt my energy returning and was happier than I had been in months. Fast forward a year and a half and I was pregnant again with my third child. I decided to hold off on all workouts at that time as I am older and was unsure about working out while pregnant.
When I was pregnant my clean eating went on the back burner. I craved cheeseburgers and I ate them whenever I wanted one. My diet didn’t change much after I gave birth and I found myself feeling frumpy and tired again. I tried working out at home, but realized I needed to go back to the one workout that I knew I would stick with.
What keeps me going back to Farrell’s? The workouts are awesome; you get to kick and punch a bag, which is great for stress relief. The band classes help me with my muscle tone, but what really keeps me going back is the workout family I have found at Farrell’s. I have met some awesome people who truly care about helping individuals seek out their level 10 in both mind and body.
I started my journey with FXB April 2014. In the fall of 2013 I needed surgery to remove a pre-cancerous mass. After surgery I was feeling down and depressed my weight went up. I had my annual physical and my doctor informed that my cholesterol level was high and I had high blood pressure not only that but my BMI was at the obese level. I was put on medications for my blood pressure and cholesterol. Boy that sure was a wake call. We had seen advertisements for Farrell's and my husband had spoken to someone at the grocery store who was doing giving out information about the program during a "Wellness Fair". After talking to with each other we decided to try Farrell's. The first couple of days I was so sore, but boy was I hooked! I learned so much over the 10 weeks. I learned a lot about nutrition, strength training and making the right choices! After my 10 weeks I became a FIT student and really noticed a transformation in only in my body, but in strength and endurance. I had a follow-up check-up with my physician, after 4 months of joining FXB and my doctor took me off my blood pressure and cholesterol medication and said my BMI was no longer at "Obese" level! That alone says a lot about was Farrell's and West Dodge is about - making an overall all transformation! After a year of joining Farrell's I completed my First Half-Marathon! Mark that one off my Bucket List!! I could not have completed or thought I could have done it if it wasn't for Farrell's. I became a coach for the new 10 weekers and let me tell you that is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The excitement, dedication, hard work, sweat, tears and even hugs as they improve and see their own transformation take place is the most satisfying feeling - to know that you were apart of it! I started being an instructor in 2015 - it has giving me a chance to be confident and to help at the next level. I have meet some great friends and friends that I call family. I don't think I could have stayed with it - if it wasn't for the owners's Ashlie and Don and everybody at West Dodge.

When you walk in the front doors of West Dodge it's not just a gym - it's home!

Level 1 Instructor
I joined Farrell's in January of 2015. I originally got the idea from a friend and coworker who had done the program before. She said she wanted to do it again and asked if anyone would do it with her. I hadn't exercised in a while and thought it would be good for me. I signed up for West Dodge and she signed up for Midtown. I struggled not having someone I knew going through the program with me, but West Dodge was so welcoming. I decided I needed another reason to get through the program. My husband and I had talked about a second child, so I used being healthy to get pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy as my motivation. Once my ten weeks was over, I noticed a healthier body all around including mood, energy, and daily choices. I enjoyed the program and wanted to continue. Through FXB West Dodge, I have had the opportunity to be an instructor and a coach. This allowed me to help spread my excitement and love for Farrell's with others who were making a commitment to themselves. With Farrell's I have gained more confidence, a more well rounded lifestyle, more energy on a daily basis, tools for a healthier lifestyle and some life long friends. I have also been able to show my daughter that it is important to take care of yourself in all aspects of your life, and that women are strong!
Level 1 Instructor 
 I have been with Farrell's since March 2014. Prior to Farrell's I had no regular fitness routine. My kids were getting older so i could no longer use the excuse of chasing three young kids around each day as my exercise. (Which was a great workout most days, or so I thought). I had no energy, no strength, no muscle tone. Our family had just relocated to Omaha and I was loving all the coffee shops/bakeries at every corner, which was not helping with my already poor choices of what I chose to feed my body. I was looking for a great way to get out and meet people and make some changes. I was referred to Farrell's and before I knew it I was signed up for the 10 week challenge. I absolutely loved everything about Farrell's. I was able to make it through the workouts without feeling like I was being judged on my performance. I would leave the gym with a sense of pride and self-confidence. I gained a new family and a healthy outlook on life. I was no longer feeding my body, but providing it with the proper fuel. I love helping others make healthier choices in their nutrition and witnessing the changes that are made in just 10 short weeks and for life!!

Life at level 10!!!

Level 1 Instructor
I am newly married, we have 2 dogs and we play in the worship band at our church. We also love to travel! I've been teaching at FXB for a little over a year. I joined Farrell's my senior year of college as a treat to myself after training for and running a 10K the summer right before. Farrell's has taught me how to properly fuel my body and given me the confidence to me comfortable in my skin! It's not a diet or fad, but it actually works. I love teaching at FXB and being a part of someone else's health journey.
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